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Security Guards Washington DC Training and Services

Archangel Global Security only employs highly trained Professional uniform officers licensed armed and unarmed, and we are proud to provide officers to secure and protect your property, retail store, restaurant's and equipment

Archangel Global Security Academy specializes in firearm safety, professional security training and effective defenses in any situation. Trained experts provide complete armed and unarmed Special Police Officer and security guard training in Washington DC.

Students seeking a successful career in security can become trained and certified special police officers or security guards for any business or institution. Armed and unarmed classes are available to instruct participants on proper protocols, use of force, defensive techniques, safe use of firearms and non-lethal weapons, emergency training and other critical skills for keeping individuals and assets safe.

Our security services for residential, corporate or commercial enterprises include armed and unarmed security, and more, conducted by highly-trained, courteous and knowledgeable security experts.

Start your career in security with unarmed or armed security guards training or guard your building, business or apartment complex with professional guard services from Archangel Global Security Academy. Call or visit us today

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Like your local police department, Archangel is manned and ready 24 hours a day.

Archangel Special Police offers the finest special law enforcement services available in The District of Columbia. Our officers are certified and governed by SOMB, DCRA and MPD.

As sworn law enforcement officers we are able to provide contracted police services to our clients. These services include conducting investigations and the power of arrest.

With the growing crime rate MPD has become overwhelmed with calls for service and therefore not able to respond to all your needs with the attention and timeliness you desire. Our services are tailored to meet your needs promptly and efficiently. The goal of Archangel Special Police is to provide the most professional and cost effective service possible to ensure our client's and their customer's safety and peace of mind.

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