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Archangel Global Security LLC - "Safety Is Our Priority"                  License Number SAB3382

I am the Property Manager for People’s Cooperative located at 2436 Elvans Road, SE, Washington, DC. It is without hesitation that I submit this letter of recommendation for Archangel Global Security, LLC for the outstanding security services they have performed for the past 2 years.
Archangel Global Service, LLC was highly recommended by MPDC. We have hired several security companies, but they were not able to assist with reducing the crime activities. Prior to Archangel Security, LLC being hired, the crime rate was enormous and included shootings, car theft and robberies. Their presence and commitment has decreased the crime rate tremendously. There have not been any car thefts or robberies since their arrival.
During the past year, Archangel Global Service, LLC recommended that we install a gate around the community to deter crime. It was also recommended that all visitors sign in and out as they enter the property. This has also been a deterrent to crime.
Archangel Global Security, LLC is an asset to our property and we look forward to an on-going working relationship.
Andrea Giles
2436 Elvans Road, S.E. # 101
Washington, DC 20020

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September 5, 2011
Dear John,       
Archangels were fantastic.  Thanks for spreading the word.  Our crowds were huge. I am sure we will meet again soon.
Joe Maloof
Sacramento Kings / Maloof Money Cup
Maloof Sports and Enterainment

It is a great honor that I write this letter of support on behalf of Archangel Global Security, LLC.  They have been a tremendous asset in our community.  We finally have a viable deterrent to crime in a drug infested neighborhood.  I had almost given up.  But crime and drugs are not acceptable.  Fortunately, I turned to my Councilmember Jim Graham who suggested we reach out to Archangel Global Security, LLC.  Their presence has created an atmosphere in the community that truly exemplifies a "neighborhood".
Archangel Global Sercurity, LLC are men of honor.  They are respectful and remarkable men and women of integrity.  They are also ambassadors of goodwill who will lend a helping hand to anyone who need it.  They are all awesome human beings and we are lucky to have them.
Thank You.
Brenda Lee Richardson, MSW
Director Of Operations
1448 Park Road, N.W.
Washington, DC 20010
Families Forward New Beginnings
TO: John Ayala
From:  Sandra Vanderhurst, Site Manager
Families Forward New Beginnings
Washington, DC
RE:  Security Guard Services
I would like to thank you for the services that are being provided by the Archangel Global Security, LLC and the cooperation that I have received from your organization in making our facility a better place for our program participants.  On today, a resident approached me and noted that when he arrived to the facility on this weekend he was so impressed with the improvements in the community.  He credited the Archangel Global Security, LLC for making the difference.  He stated that before Archangel Global Security, LLC began providing security, it was almost impossible to get into the building because people were loitering all around the door and sitting on the entrance stairs.  He said that the outside street leading to the shelter was congested and that it always seemed to pose a threat.  For many of the families that had a deep desire to feel safe and did not care to deal with discourteous actions when leaving or returning to the building, the conditions were very unsettling.  I too see the difference in the appearance of the streets when I arrive to the facility and I am also very grateful.
In the past few months you have listened to our concerns and you have made the appropriate changes to see that our needs are being met.  You have remained professional in our relationship and open to suggestions, which has made it easy for me to discuss the outstanding issues and trust your recommendations.  Each day in a place where people are facing crisis presents new challenges.  It is a significant advantage that the guards are well informed and are conscious of the need to remain professional.  Your dedication to providing quality services and making sure that we remain safe and secure is greatly appreciated by many.  In as much, I wanted to take the time to offer my personal thank you for all that you and the Archangel Global Security, LLC do to help us in making New Beginnings a quality housing facility for families in need.
CareFirst - BlueCross/BlueShield
820 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20065
To John Ayala,
I'd like to take an opportunity to share with you some of the positive feedback that I have received regarding the services your company has provided.  Your organization has made a significant contribution in assisting our associates, as well as others who travel that same area.  We have received numerous communications complimenting your staff on their persistence and professionalism, providing a sense of well being, and keeping their walk safe.  We also acknowledge your work with local authorities in notifying and reporting incidents that occur in an effort to better the area.  Here are some quotes from our associates:

"I'm writing to express my feeling about the work that the Archangel Global Security, LLC have provided to the First Street NE community.  I have to walk at least 2-3 blocks to get to work from the 59 M street NE parking lot and every morning I see a Archangel Global Security Officer patrolling the area and I feel safer.  Their presence has made a difference because I don't get harassed by panhandlers and no one is loitering or selling drugs out in the open as they were before.  Just this morning, I saw the actions of an Archangel Global Security Officer as he asked a gentleman to remove himself from standing at the corner; the man left the corner immediately.  I did not stay around to address the issue because who knows what the man was going to do if the Archangel Global Security Officer was not there.  I appreciate all of the hard work that they are doing to help the community be a safer place and I hope to see them all year round."

"Just a line to let you know I appreciate having Archangel Global Security Officers present during my walk to and from the parking lot.  I feel that their presence is definitely a deterrent to crime.  The area where we walk is deplorable, dirty with glass bottles, syringes, needles, clothes and paper trash.  In addition, there are always questionable people around.  Before Archangel Global Sercurity, LLC were hired, people on the street would blatantly ask for money (if you could understand their slurred speech), and I found it to be a frightening walk because of the drugs infested neighborhood."
Thank you for your continued efforts in providing a safer environment for our associates and others in this area.  I look forward to our continued business relationship.
Clai Collier
Director, Human Resources Operations