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What is ASPD's jurisdiction?

Archangel Special Police has jurisdiction on all property owned or controlled by our agency and any property that we are contracted to protect by the owner or person in possession and control of the property.

If a criminal runs off of the property, does this mean that you can't catch him?

As long as the incident started within our jurisdiction, and we are in immediate and continuous pursuit, we can pursue him as far as the state line

Do Archangel Special Police officers carry guns and other weapons?

Yes.  Archangel Special Police officers carry side arms during the performance of their duties. Our officers also carry OC ("pepper") spray and impact weapons. All Archangel Special Police officers train regularly in firearms and defensive tactics as taught by certified instructors.

Are Archangel Special Police officers like off-duty MPD officers?

No. We have the same powers in our jurisdiction, we have a great advantage over off-duty officers. We carry our own workman's compensation insurance, liability insurance, and automobile insurance. When you hire off-duty officers from your local police agency, you are liable for any workman's compensation or claims due to the actions of the officer you are employing. Also, working for you is our primary job, not a sideline.

Are Archangel Special Police officers professionally trained?

Absolutely, we do all of our own in-service training. ASPD also provides training to other departments and companies. We are available to train your department or private company in a variety of skills.