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Services We Offer  Armed Special Police Officer or Unarmed Security Officers

Community Policing Programs

Working with the community to increase their participation in crime prevention has been a tremendous success around the country. We facilitate meetings with your neighborhood, apartment complex or other community to educate residents on how they can reduce crime and work with the police to make their community safer.

A Single Point of Contact – we make your job easier via streamlined coordination and reporting Our Global Network of Resources – allowing us to provide consistently reliable management services at any or all of your locations in the USA

Scalability – our range of service options allows outsourcing on a one-time or temporary basis, or for the long-term with embedded personnel – Our work speaks for itself. We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. At Archangel Global Security, we are committed to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We’re not afraid of your questions or concerns, so if you have an issue please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with Archangel Global Security.