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 Mobile Patrol

Marked police cars checking your business, neighborhood or residence on a random basis, for a contracted number of times per day. Officers will check doors and windows to ensure that the property is secure, remove trespassers, investigate suspicious vehicles and other duties at your request.

Stationary Guard

A police officer will be on your property for the contracted period of time to provide law enforcement and security services to you and your customers. This includes loss prevention, customer service, fire watches and other duties at your request.

Hostile Employee Terminations

Worried about a confrontation with an employee during a disciplinary or termination procedure? We will provide officer(s) to standby to deter any violent behavior and to intercede should any occur. We will also provide additional patrol or an officer to remain at your facility to prevent any type of retribution from occurring.

Construction Site Services

Construction site can be a target for theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages or losses to superintendent.  They can also pose a significant safety hazard to unauthorized guests entering the site.  Archangel Security can provide professional uniform officers to secure and protect your site and equipment

 Prepare Daily Logs And Incident Reports
Regular Foot Patrol, Interior And/or Exterior
Controlled Access (ie, Badge Or Id Check All Vehicles/visitors)
Escorting Visitors To The Construction Office
Use Flashlights, Cell Phones, Reflective Security Vest
Notify Local Police And/or Fire Department When Needed

Fire Watch

We will prepare daily activity and incident reports
We will provide regular foot patrol, interior and/or exterior
We will look for suspicious packages
We will identify inspection routes to be utilized by fire watch personnel
We will use flashlight, two-way radios, reflective security vest, and cell phones

We have 24-hours supervision. The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location
If you are not satisfied with an officer assigned to your post, we can replace the officer immediately
All clients have access to our management 24-hours a day

 Fast response:  Fire watch patrol officers will arrive on site within 4 hours of being contacted.

Youth Tour Group

Let Archangel Global security provide safety and security for your students or youth while you sleep at night.

I would like to welcome you and your students/youth group to Washington, DC.  While you are here, you may stay at a hotel, motel or resort.  You would like to get a full-night sleep in order to enjoy the tour in the morning.
Archangel Global Security, LLC can help you sleep at night.  We will stay up and keep watch on your students from 10pm to 6am.  Hire Archangel Global Security, LLC Officers to keep watch for your students or youth group while you sleep and we will provide a licensed uniform security guard.