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Archangel Global Security

A Single Point Of Contact

We make your job easier via streamlined coordination and reporting through our global network of resources. This allows us to provide consistently reliable management services at any or all of your locations in the USA.


Our range of service options allows outsourcing on a one-time basis, temporary assignment, or long-term relationship with embedded personnel. Focusing on your satisfaction is pivotal to our success. At Archangel Global Security, commitment to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We welcome any questions or concerns, so if you have an issue please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with Archangel.

Services We Offer

Archangel is manned and ready 24 hours a day

Archangel Global Security only employs highly trained professional uniformed licensed officers both armed and unarmed. We are proud to provide officers to secure and protect your property, retail store, restaurants and equipment. Additionally, our clients have access to Archangel management 24 hours a day!

Mobile Patrol

Vehicle patrol cars provide a strong visual deterrent to the criminal element. Our cars offer a very professional look to any area you would like to have under surveillance.

Stationary Officers

Guard services include uniformed standing guards that accommodate your security. Trained and certified for your specific needs.

Commercial Buildings

Whether the event is an annual shareholder meeting, product or service announcement, executive retreat, or corporate celebration; Archangel Global Security will deliver the security you expect. We provide professionally trained officers for concierge security or doormen.

Event Security

Archangel Global Security provides skilled and experienced security officers as well as a trained staff for a wide array of special events nationwide; these include trade shows, corporate events, conventions, concerts, festivals, private parties and sporting events.

Residential Security

Our professional security officers know what to look for in securing apartments, condos, and gated communities to keep the residences secure and your clients safe from personal attacks.

Retail / Restaurants

The responsibility of protecting merchant’s assets is something that Archangel Global Security has excelled at over the years. Being trusted with millions of dollars of inventory day in and day out is a task our professional staff thrives on. By implementing a loss prevention strategy (that includes employees), we have been able to virtually eliminate losses at many of our retail clients. Providing uniformed officers at all entrances and exits, we provide a presence that has proven successful as a deterrent. Our site specific security programs utilize high visibility to insure protection of our client’s assets and customers.

High Risk Employee Terminations

There is a certain element of danger when it comes to terminating the employment of a high-risk individual and can prove to be an elusive behavior to identify initially. When someone is losing their job, the individual feels an extreme sense of desperation which can lead to detrimental and maladaptive situations in the workplace.

In today’s volatile workplace, your organization needs to be prepared for anything and everything. In some cases, reduction in force or the closing of a facility can pose a safety and security risk. Companies need to be prepared for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including the possibility of hostility toward other employees and/or management.

Archangel can provide you with security protection during and after employee termination.

  • Escorting High Risk Employee off and out your place of business 
  • Escort current employees to their cars 

Construction Site Security

Construction sites can be a target for theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages or losses. They can also pose a significant safety hazard to unauthorized guests entering the site. We are proud to provide officers to secure and protect your site and equipment at all times of the day.

In addition to providing uniform security personnel, Archangel Global Security also offers a number of full-service programs which include:

  • 24-hour controlled access — Meaning that all vendors and visitors must log in and out at all times
  • Constant patrolling of the complete site, checking to make sure that all equipment and material is secure
  • Immediately put a halt to unauthorized visits
  • Immediately evict anyone who is loitering on the site
  • Control and manage any homeless activity in and around the construction site
  • Erect and man a guard shack or station if deemed necessary
  • Write and submit daily activity reports
  • Detect and report any hazardous situations that may have developed

Archangel can also help with keeping the Fire Marshall happy by:

  • Looking for suspicious packages
  • Identifying inspection routes to be utilized by fire watch personnel
  • Keeping the site safe and secure from obstacles through the use of flashlights, two way radios, reflective security vests and cell phones

Fire Watch

Our fire watch guards remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational and have been inspected and cleared by the Fire Marshall. In addition, we can deploy a security team with minimal notice.

Youth Tour Groups

Let Archangel Global security provide safety and security for your students or youth while you sleep at night.

Archangel would like to welcome you and your group to Washington, DC. While you are here, you may stay at a hotel, motel or resort. We would like you to enjoy our city to its fullest by helping you get a full-night sleep in order to enjoy the tour in the morning.

We will provide a friendly fully uniformed licensed guard to stay up and keep watch on your students from 10pm to 6am. Rest with confidence and wake up rejuvinated.

Healthcare Facilities

Let Archangel assist your healthcare administrators in fulfilling their obligation to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment; while carrying out the mission of your healthcare organization. We will provide friendly licensed trained armed or unarmed security personnel to help you with any situation in which you may need more or added security.

Campus Security

When it comes to preschool to high school security, Archangel Security has the experience and knowledge you need to protect your students, faculty, visitors, and property. From officers who provide a welcoming but watchful physical presence to technology solutions that keep the school secure, we offer a wide range of school security services, allowing for a program customized to each school.
Our services include:
  • Armed and unarmed security services
  • Greet parents, students, faculty, staff, visitors, board members, etc. to the school community with a smile
  • Mobile patrols, on foot, on bike, or by car
  • Direct traffic as it enters and exits driveways, parking lots, or field/ancillary parking.
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV and monitoring systems

School security is a necessity for any educational institution. With the recent attack on schools, more and more security on school campus is desired. Our staff functions as role models and mentors in addition to being school security guards, fostering a safe and secure environment for learning by creating and maintaining appropriate relationships with students and staff. We design and implement a security strategy to enforce school rules and laws on campus by conducting a thorough site assessment, incorporating site specific and state mandated training for all assigned personnel and by regularly re-assessing our effectiveness. Fidelity Security’s School Security

Services include:
  • Charter schools
  • Private schools
  • Religious schools
  • Resident and boarding schools
  • Dorm complexes
  • Resident camps

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VIP Security

Our VIP security guards offer protection and discretion for executives, celebrities, athletes, dignitaries, and anyone accustomed to being in the public eye. We utilize the latest in security and oversight technology. On site security personnel are tracked and reported through mobile applications, on site supervisors and monitored through our experienced office personnel.